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Getting Started
We offer guidance on starting a convention: everything from your location to your guests will be covered in our multi-part organizing guide. It's a work in progress.
Join The Alliance
We are building The Anime Convention Alliance, an organization dedicated to the advancement of anime conventions. Contact us for more information.

Convention Guides

Starting a Convention

We're slowing building up our guide on how to start an anime convention, so be sure to check it out. It's a work in progress, as we're a little swamped here with convention updates and coverage, but it may be helpful for anyone who wants to start a convention!

Taking Care of Guests

Treating your guests well will benefit you more than you can imagine. You'll find guests much more likely to attend your convention and give positive reviews about your event to the people they talk to. Read the article for some suggestions!


If you are a convention organizer who wants to be listed on, or update their listing, check our about page for the details on how to get your convention listed. Not submitting your events or updates properly can prevent your convention from being listed.

Getting Staff has a full core of convention staff that you can use! We have convention managers, hotel negotiators, safety wizards, photographers, reporters, cinematographers, and real-life registration magicians. We also have sound tech, lighting, and all the equipment you could ever need. If you need anyone to augment your staff, we have everyone, and we're willing to travel (provided you cover expenses). If you can cover gas money (or airfare if you're not in the Midwest), you should contact us.

Registration System

We have built the easiest, most comprehensive registration system for con organizers. We're using it internally to manage six conventions, and we will be looking for conventions interested in the Beta test in 2012. Contact us if you want to participate.

For Convention Attendees

Small Cons Vs. Large Cons

Large conventions bring in lots of big-name guests, bigger events, and bigger contests, but smaller conventions have their own benefits.
Read more.