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26 year old Female
Last online about 10 years ago
Hey *waves* Im Akira (Ak3rA) I like Anime(cowboy bebop,FMA,Darker than Black, Ergo Proxy), Manga(Chobits, FMA, Bleach,Black butler), and video games( Crisis core, kingdom hearts, resident evil, midnight club,etc). Im sarcastic a lot, but im kind but quiet around people i don't know. Music, i love a huge variety of music from ray Charles to Shinne(Korean group) to current to old. i love good music that is the only requirement. i cant list all the artist i have on my mp3 ok you would go blind trying to read it all! I love the Library its my second home. I love to read.Currently 1984 by George Orwell and Hitchhikers guild to the Galaxy are my favorite books. Im reading Alice Hoffman at the moment. Im writng a book too. its not anime its Fantasy. its coming along slow though I have three dogs (max, HaLO, and Stimpi) and two cats (crybaby, and britches) I have a blog 8D i dont know if youll want to read it though its just about my life and sturff. some of its anime so of its just stuff. Im addicted to the internet. I speak English, bad English and gurgled Italian (because i cant seem to roll my "R's") i sew my own cosplay. some of it comes out scary but some is really good ^^ I happen to be the King of Typos but im a girl so....don't get that part messed up *ill shut up now* and urr idk what else to put lol so ask and thou shall receive answer to your questions 8D
Nov 20-22
Mar 12-14
Dec 17-19