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Jonathan T. Nielsen

36 year old Male
Last online almost 8 years ago
Jonathan Nielsen is the Senior Producer and Lead Programmer for Florida Whammy Entertainment and is the 2nd of 5 Core Producers. In the off-season, he’s primarily the one who makes all the shows possible, building all those fancy programming wonders that show on the projectors. Once at least most of the bugs are done, and the questions are loaded, then it’s time to host and announce.

All those show upgrades are mostly his design, and future upgrades and their corresponding bells and whistles can’t be discussed in detail; you’ll just have to see them in person. The biggest upgrade so far has been the conversion of Press Your Luck back into the almighty dollar and streamlining of the engine (along with speeding up the shuffle speed due to a certain previous contestant).

When the Game Show Gurus were still that, before the FWE rebranding; he was the leader of a two man team that brought Press Your Luck to the state of Florida. When the team got so big (how big did they get?), he realized it was not possible for one person to do all that administration and public relations stuff; Bryan took that over so that he could focus on making the shows all work (at least almost without error).

Jonathan primarily codes all of the custom built engines, using Visual Basic 6.0, with some newer engines also being coded on, or ported to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional. He also serves as the Senior Producer, and mainly focuses on content creation and implementation. When not bogged down programming and writing code, he also contributes to the weekly blog, and is the Co-Host of “The Whammy Minute” with Executive Producer Bryan Espinoza.

He and Erik Watkins started the Gurus back in 2008 after attending Anime Festival Orlando and meeting Wheldon Smiley. The year before that, he was a common contestant on the $25,000 Pyramid at JaniCon 2007. At that moment they knew what must be done.

Jonathan prefers the black and white era as well as many 80s shows that have unique features, like whammies and super jackpots. His flagship shows include Jackpot!, Password (but not that zany Super Password), The Joker’s Wild, and of course Press Your Luck!

Jonathan Nielsen is a 28-year-old Math Teacher. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the University of Florida, and a Master’s of Science in Mathematical Sciences from the University of North Florida, which is the same degree his counterpart, Erik is currently in.

Outside of game shows, he’s a weather nut and loves writing computer programs – his largest project to date being Anime Press Your Luck, which grows bigger and better every airing (at least the ones it’s working for).
Feb 17-19
Panelist. Aug 3-5
Panelist. Mar 15-17
Staff. Jul 4-7