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Con Nooga 2014 Review

Well, we are off to a new con season! We started off our season this past weekend with Con Nooga in Chattanooga Tennessee. I would like to thank Todd and the Con Nooga staff for having us down. For Con Nooga, Press Pool myself and the whole family attended sense it was so close to home. We arrived at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Convention Center around 1pm in the afternoon. Since we were able to get an early check-in we made use of it. Upon arrival to the lobby of the Choo Choo which was an old converted passenger station, we were greeted at the front doors by the friendly and courteous hotel staff. This hotel is great for train enthusiasts starting at the main lobby to all of the converted passenger rail cars out back. Some you could rent to sleep in others were old dining cars being used as eateries. Truly a nostalgic train buff location.

Friday was a slower day for my wife and me, we checked out the hotel grounds and local colors. There was a great Cajun style restaurant across the road from the choo choo called Blue Orleans that served a really good seafood gumbo that my wife and I greatly enjoyed. While we explored the local colors Press Pool attended several panels, a room party and a con mixer.

Saturday was the biggest and busiest day of the con. It started at 8:30 am with a con parade and ended at about 3:00am with the room parties. My wife and I participated in the charity Texas Holdem game winning third and fourth place. Afterwards I attended a sabre idol competition at which time I found out my photographer Press pool had placed in the final seven contenders.

Sabre idol is a competition where participants compete in a free style light saber routine. Our Press Pool won fourth place in the completion. Next came the Cosplay Contest. There were some very good competitors from Master Chief, Cortana and the Green Arrow to He-Man and Skeletor. The highlight was when He-Man placed he called his girlfriend up on stage to share his award with her at which time he proposed to marry her. Some other really good quality cos-players were Princesses Elsa and Anna, some really great Klingons and a collage of anime, sci-fi, horror and comic heroes not forgetting my little 3 year old She Hulk. This was She Hulks first Con. Later in the evening Press Pool and our younger group attended the late night rave which they truly enjoyed.

Sunday was pretty much a wrap up day so we spent our last day pretty much at the convention center attending some writing and book publishing panels that were very informative and making our last rounds in the dealer’s room. Our group was present during the face off competition at which time they convinced Press Pool to participate. The Face Off competition was just like on TV. The contestants were given a specified amount of time to complete an improvised make up job. Our” Press Pool “group won fourth place.

Summing up the Con Nooga weekend, we had a good time for the most part, won some prizes, ate some good Cajun food and met some good down to earth people. The only negative comments from a lot of the people attending the con were that they could not find con staff or volunteers for help or information when needed. That being said, it was a pretty good con with a lot of fun activities for the whole family, in a very scenic nostalgic location with some very good cos-players with a great weekend LARP activity.
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