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Many conventions are being cancelled as a result of COVID-19. It is recommended you check the convention's website before making plans for attendance.

Help getting a con off the ground


Hi, I am in the very beginning stages of organizing my first con. I have helped work several small cons but this is the first one I'm doing myself. I would like any help or advice on where to find standard contracts to send to potential guests for appearances, because I want to do this right and have legal contracts but I don't know where to start! I also need any advice on how to work with hotels to get the best con deals and not end up paying out the nose for extras they try to add on. THanks for any advice I can get!

May 26, 15 at 4:05pm

Hi im a fur from South Africa , we would like to start a furry convention in SA but we lack the "organizing skill" any advice from a person who has helped with a furry convention would be appreciated... i just need a few tips... SA has about +-500 furrs on one sa furry site

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