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Many conventions are being cancelled as a result of COVID-19. It is recommended you check the convention's website before making plans for attendance.

Recruiting Knowledgeable Staff for Upcoming Texas Con!


Hello all.

I would like to invite those interested to join my staff! We're an upcoming con known as Itsukacon. We do not have a location yet (as I'm waiting for a staff member to recruit a contact of hers who has knowledge in hotel contracts), or a date, but I am shooting for 2020.

Why so far, one might ask, is while I am excited to get this con off the ground as soon as possible, I also want to do it right. Our first full-time event will be in 2020, but once we have our dates and venue booked, I will be holding quarterly 1 day events in 4 different major cities: San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and our home location, once we choose it (if it's not the latter). Plus my start-up capital is a year or so in the works. I also want to have my staff get to know each other better, and form a bond that won't be broken by the stress of a convention and whatever un-seen problems that might happen.

So, if you're interested, please let me know.
Currently our build up conversations are taking place in a secret FB group. So hopefully you, as an interested staff member, might have a facebook.

Staff members we're looking for:

Director of Operations
Director of Guest Relations
Dealers Room Manager

Non Essentials (for the build process), but would be helpful.
Main Events Manager
Cosplay Event Manager
Video Room Manager
Video Gaming Manager
Logistics Manager

Please PM me a link to your facebook profile, so I may add you.

Thank you for your consideration, my friends.

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