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Casey Lee Williams

Twenty four-year-old Casey Lee Williams is a singer/songwriter/producer from Boston, Massachusetts, most known for her work on web shows Red vs. Blue and RWBY, as well as with her band Ok Goodnight. Casey has been the featured vocalist of the soundtracks for Rooster Teeth’s RWBY since its very conception in 2012. She took up the mantle of writing songs for the show’s 9th season in 2021 after graduating from Berklee College of Music, where she met a fellow writer and guitarist Martin Gonzalez. All the way from Bogotá, Colombia but now located in the San Antonio, Texas, twenty four-year-old Martin Gonzalez is a guitarist, composer, and producer most known for his work with bands Atomic Guava and Ok Goodnight. After graduating Berklee College of Music in 2020 and writing music for the Discovery Channel, the NFL, and various indie video games, Gonzalez started scoring music for RWBY Volume 8. Together, Williams and Gonzalez have teamed up to try and expand upon the unique sound of RWBY music for its next season while staying true to the show’s themes and story."

“The Music of RWBY Volume 9 with Casey Lee Williams and Martin Gonzalez“

Songwriters Casey Lee Williams and Martin Gonzalez discuss how they went about giving a whole new sound (with a touch of tradition) to Rooster Teeth’s newest season of their online series RWBY. Get ready to dive into some of the most tedious (and most fun) details of the writing process for RWBY Volume 9.