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Anime Conventions

Richfield, OH
Oct 5-8, 2023
Melbourne, Australia
Oct 6-8, 2023
Jacksonville, FL
Oct 13-15, 2023
Layton, UT
Oct 20-22, 2023
Oct 20-22, 2023
Nov 3-5, 2023
Hampton, VA
Nov 3-5, 2023
Galveston, TX
Nov 10-12, 2023
New York, NY
Nov 17-19, 2023
Dallas, TX
Nov 24-26, 2023
Ashwaubenon, WI
Nov 25, 2023
Green Bay, WI
Nov 26, 2023
Ocean City, MD
Dec 9, 2023
Rosemont, IL
Dec 15-17, 2023
Ontario, CA
Jan 4-7, 2024
East Peoria, IL
Jan 5-7, 2024
Norfolk, VA
Jan 12-14, 2024
Columbus, OH
Jan 19-21, 2024
Lubbock, TX
Feb 2-4, 2024
Indanapolis, IN
Mar 1-3, 2024
Honolulu, HI
Mar 29-31, 2024
Winston-Salem, NC
Mar 29-31, 2024
Boston, MA
Mar 29-31, 2024
Omaha, NE
Mar 29-31, 2024
Apr 6-7, 2024
St. Charles, MO
Apr 26-28, 2024
Beckley, WV
Apr 26-28, 2024
Minneapolis, MN
May 24-26, 2024
Rosemont, IL
Jul 5-7, 2024
Nov 7-10, 2024
Minneapolis, MN
May 9-11, 2025
Rosemont, IL
Jul 4-6, 2025
Minneapolis, MN
Aug 29-31, 2025
Minneapolis, MN
May 22-24, 2026
Minneapolis, MN
Sep 4-6, 2026
Minneapolis, MN
May 7-9, 2027
Minneapolis, MN
Sep 3-5, 2027

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Anime Midwest
Anime conventions are events that focus around Japanese animation and Japanese culture.
Policy on listed events.

Events listed on generally have to meet basic criteria to be considered. We list events that can be categorized as "conventions," defined as events with a reasonably large attendance (over 100), several different activities and types of activities, and an overall theme that fits within some of our categories. Some events may fall outside of these bounds if they are special or meaningful to a community we serve. Events are categorized in categories decided by our staff, which may not be exact if the convention would be better suited by a category that we don't have. We intend for categories to broadly cover the events that a person interested in a particular category might be looking for. For example, most people looking for an anime convention would not be interested in a horror convention, however sci-fi fans might (think Buffy, for example). Larger events may be placed in more categories than smaller events, because the range of activities at that event might include enough events to also qualify it for other categories. Conventions that attempt to be "everything" will be judged by our staff and may not be placed in all categories, especially if we feel that certain categories are more strongly served by the convention than others. We do not guarantee all events will be listed. We may receive compensation in exchange for listings and reviews.

Anime Midwest