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Conventions in Missouri

Multi-genre convention.
Jefferson City, MO
Jun 16-19, 2022
Comic and game convention.
Mountain View, CA
Oct 29-30, 2022

Further Back

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Mar 5-6, 2022
St. Louis, MO
Feb 12, 2022
Independence, MO
Nov 11-14, 2021
Lee's Summit, MO
Nov 11-14, 2021
Cape Girardeau, MO
Oct 1-3, 2021
Poplar Bluff, MO
Sep 25, 2021

Fan Conventions in Missouri

Fans celebrate their love of anime, video games, or comic books at conventions across the state of Missouri. Going to one of these conventions is a great adventure, almost as exciting as going to your nearest theme park. Conventions can include costumes, dressing up, roleplaying, gaming tournaments, science-fiction readings, and more. Every convention is a little bit different from every other convention.