When he’s not collecting gold rings, Jerry “xJerry64x” Pakalinsky can usually be found contemplating the futility of human existence or scaring children with his Eminem impression. He is a founding member of Elite3 and is known for voicing Rock in “Dark Swamp,” as well as a jillion characters in “Pokemon ’Bridged” (including Brock, Gary, Professor Oak, Sisty.) He is also the new voice of Jaden in “Yu-Gi-Oh GX Abridged” by XTheDarkOne, a Millennium Item Support Technician in “Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged” by LittleKuriboh, and Zeeun in “Lord Slug Abridged” by TeamFourStar. On Controller Rollers, he does the bat-tastic series “Batman Plays Batman.”