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Daisy Guevara

Daisy Guevara is a singer and actress who performs on stages throughout the tri-state area and is currently on her second national tour! When she’s not performing on stage, she’s voice acting in anime, video games and audiobooks! You can hear her work in anime as Rona Elmo in Juden-chan, Mimina Osawa in Ladies versus Butlers with Media Blasters and she is also cast as Kenta in Awesome Japan’s upcoming anime, CHUYADEN. In the gaming realm, Daisy voices Dorutine in the horror video game, Konstandin and Hemingway/ Heimdallr in Norse Noir by KreativeSpill. Other works include Hunter Delgado in Blue Vertigo’s series Brightly Burning Ether, and Lauren in Hazel + Bell’s Always Raining Here. Daisy’s recent adventure is working on audiobooks for The Creatura Series by Nely Cab with Clean Teen Publishing! In her spare time, Daisy loves belting Disney or Broadway tunes; sing her something and she might just sing along with you!