Comcade is a ragtag group of college students that create content for YouTube in their own mediocre way (they told us to say that). They’re funniest losers you’ve never heard of, and they’re super excited to be attending Anime-Zing this year. Kyle, Caleb, Ronnie, and DJ are avid gamers and their content reflects that; while they occasionally release music, skits, vlogs, and somehow more, most of their content consists of a series of funny (read: unfunny) let’s plays. This year at con they’ll be making their live debut with Comcade Live, a comedy show that they’re terrified will crash and burn. Not, like, too terrified… Just a healthy amount.

The team also creates nerdy charity events that they run twice a year, and guess what? If you’re attending the convention this year, you get to take part in one. StarCade, their next big event, is taking place over the duration of the convention. Throughout the entire weekend you will be able to (safely) donate money online towards the Starlight Children’s Foundation. If you’d like more information, or if you’d just like to check them out, you can find them on YouTube (Comcade), Twitter (@ComcadeNetwork), and Facebook (Comcade). Send them your questions or just stop by to chat about what anime you’re watching; Kyle and DJ are total weebs, so they’ll feel right at home!