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Diana Garnet

Lifelong anime fan turned professional singer, Tokyo-based Diana Garnet has performed themes for anime such as Naruto Shippuden (“Spinning World”) and Tantei Team KAZ: Jiken Note (“Nankai Mystery.”) Originally from Washington D.C., Diana grew up watching anime with her father and was heavily influenced by the songs featured in anime due to their positive message and infectious melodies. While teaching in Japan, In Spring 2013, she participated in NTV’s singing contest “Nodojiman the World” and won the grand prize in Sping 2013, starting her journey towards a major debut later that year! Today, she’s active as not only a singer, but also as a voice actor (Azure Striker Gunvolt OVA as Cyan and Joule), TV Presenter (NHK E-TV’s “Igo Focus”, an educational program showcasing the 4,000 year old game of “Go” ), Narrator (NHK World’s “Anime Supernova”), as well as dabbling in variety shows focusing on anything from impressions (monomane), anime, or international culture! Diana’s interests include reading (all the) manga, watching anime, playing games, Go, singing karaoke (especially enka), watching baseball (Hanshin Tigers/Orioles/Nationals,) Karate, and eating everything from unagi to curry bread. You can follow her activities internationally through her official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!