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In 2004, GASHICON entered the graphics production company of S-INC – “INCS.”
GASHICON became the person in charge of the graphic design for the fashion brand “h.NAOTO.”

In 2005, the “gro-kawa” (grotesque-cute) character brand “HANGRY&ANGRY” produced by h.NAOTO was started. As the illustrator GASHICON is in charge of the production of HANGRY& ANGRY’s characters and comics. The HANGRY&ANGRY comics became a serial comic strip appearing in magazines such as KERA and CURE. (They are still published monthly in CURE magazines)

In 2008, the HANGRY&ANGRY Osaka store – Ura-Harajuku opened, and the character rock band, “HANGRY&ANGRY FUTURE” was formed, consisting of former MORNING MUSUME? members Hitomi Yoshizawa and Rika Ishikawa. The unit released their mini album “KISS ME KILL ME” in the same year.

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