North American based cosplayer, Dokudel has been cosplaying since 1998 and has made herself over 200 costumes for over 100 conventions ranging from anime, manga, comics, cartoons and more. She has staffed at about 50 conventions since 2003 all located on the east coast. She has won numerous awards at conventions for performance and craftsmanship which has landed herself title of Masters. Some day she will like to travel to the west coast for conventions with dreams of traveling around the world. When staffing at these conventions she makes sure attendees have just as much joy attending these shows as she does working at them. When she is not staffing she loves to host informative panels ranging from workshops on how to sew, how to draw, and discussion panels on the history of cosplay to classic animes that are not as mainstream. This hobby has lead her with a seamstress career now designing, fitting and altering tuxedos while doing commissions on the side to help others achieve their cosplay dreams.