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Jessi Nowack

Jessi “Nowacking” Nowack is an actor and writer, just like everyone else in New York City. A founding member of Elite3, she oversees all of their video production and blah blah boring company stuff no one cares about. She has lent her voice to songs, video games, advertisements, anime, radio plays, animations, and a bunch of other stuff she can’t remember. Jessi has won multiple awards for her performances in high school theater, but what she really wants you to know is that she can hold her breath for a whole 11 seconds. Wow! There should be an award for THAT.

She is co-writer of “Pokémon ’Bridged” (in which she voices Misty, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, Jessie, Max, and many others) and is the writer/editor of “Dark Swamp” (voicing Revy, Roberta, Garcia, and more). She plays Dark Magician Girl in “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series” by LittleKuriboh and Hyprelynx in “TOME” by Kirbopher. She is also known for various characters in TeamFourStar projects, including Seras/Police Girl (“Hellsing Ultimate Abridged”), Sasha (“Attack on Titan Abridged”), and Jessie (“Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged”). In the brony community, Jessi voices and sings as Vinyl Scratch in various animations/songs such as “Epic Wub Time”, “I Am Octavia”, and “All About That Bass Cannon”. She has also made many appearances on “Bronies React.”

If you like them new-fangled Japanese cartoons the kids are calling “a-knee-may”, she can be heard as Sanke in “Ladies VS Butlers,” Izumi in “Queen’s Blade Rebellion,” and Sokko in “Juden-chan.” She is also terrible at video games on the series “Controller Rollers”.