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Gaijin Goomba

As one of the Game Theorists, Gaijin Goombah has devoted his YouTube career to teaching others culture in video games and anime. Proving that geek life can actually help you understand the world we live in! After gaining a degree in International Relations, living abroad, and spending two years in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, Gaijin Goombah decided to devote his YouTube career to teaching multiculturalism around the world through the medium of video games. From recent to retro, he explains a multitude of cultural references found in these games, and how video games can better educate the world about not only different cultures, but also perspectives and ways of thinking. Together with the other Game Theorists, MatPat, Drake, and Ronnie Oni Edwards, Gaijin pursues something more than just mind-rotting in games; Education and understanding of the world we live in.

Convention Appearances By Gaijin Goomba
Con Alt Delete 2017
AniMinneapolis 2016