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JAPANNA ANNA  GOLDSKY 杏奈ゴールドスカイwas born and raised in JAPAN. She dedicated herself to studying Japanese culture, history, calligraphy art, ZEN, human behavior psychology, educational administration, organizational leadership, and cross-cultural communication skills.

JAPANNA ANNA GOLDSKY built a schoolhouse, ran an education business, and taught many people in JAPAN. Also she traveled around the world as a general itinerary manager of a travel bureau, learned various business matters and cultures, and broadened her outlook remarkably.

In order to realize her childhood dreams, JAPANNA ANNA GOLDSKY legally immigrated from Japan to America, worked hard, and successfully passed the US citizenship test. JAPANNA ANNA GOLDSK is establishing a successful life here in USA. Her company and house are located on a tranquil 12-acre land near the Mississippi River. She is proud of how courageously she has been conquering hardships and challenges. She loves both AMERICA and JAPAN. She speaks English proudly with beautiful Japanese accents. JAPANNA ANNA GOLDSKY is a President / Principal educator / Master coach of GOLDSKY SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT center, JAPAN SHINZEN ART & CULTURE, and UI INTERNATIONAL LLC. She is a spiritual empowerment leader, Japanese culture native-expert, calligraphy artist, contemporary-ZEN master, and global success mindset advisor.

GOLDSKY SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT LEADERSHIP program includes various unique activities. For example, ZEN calligraphy art meditation, Sing & Dance meditation, Punch & Release, Cosmic Energy Empowerment, Freedom of Expression, Global Success Mindset, Japanese cultural activities, and more. Her mission is to create the safe diversity world where people with different beliefs, religions, cultures, languages, and skin colors can CO-EXIST peacefully.