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Tara Platt

Actress, author, producer and entrepreneur, Tara has traveled the globe as a speaker and adventurer as well as performing internationally in film, TV, animation and theatre. On-screen credits include TV: Scandal, Revenge, Parenthood, Castle, Gilmore Girls, Hawaii Five-0 and Geek&Sundry’s Tabletop, VO: Marvel’s recent award-winning Marvel’s Spider-Man (as Yuri Watanabe), DC VS MK, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Legion of Superheroes, Naruto, Persona, Ducktales, Sailor Moon, Ben 10, Saints Row, Drakengard3, RWBY, Gundam Unicorn, and Sunset Overdrive. Sitcom Whatta Lark that she produced and stars in opposite drag-sensation Poppy Fields, about a childless children’s book author trying to decide to have kids or not is currently streaming on RevryTV and won an IAWTV award. She also produced and starred in award-winning feature mockumentary Con Artists (official selection of Mockfest 2014/GeekFest 2015) and 4 seasons of Geekie nominated irreverent cult hit comedy Shelf Life with husband-in-crime Yuri Lowenthal. The two wrote the award-winning Voice-Over Voice Actor and the sequel VOVA: The Extended Edition for anyone interested in getting into voice-over. Tara recently released children’s book Relax Your Toes and interactive book Zartana about a traveling Romani available now through Bug Bot Press. She also acts/writes and produces with their Monkey Kingdom Productions. Platt and Lowenthal just gave a TEDx talk on Storytelling. @taraplatt

Convention Appearances By Tara Platt
Anime Midwest 2019