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Anime Midwest 2019

Jul 5-7, 2019
Rosemont, IL
Hyatt Regency Ohare
Rosemont, IL

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About Anime Midwest 2019

Anime Midwest 2019 is a anime, scifi, and comic con held July 5-7, 2019. The event will take place in Rosemont, near Chicago. Anime Midwest is a family-friendly anime convention in Rosemont, Illinois. This three-day event focuses on video gaming, Japanese anime, Japanese manga, and bringing authentic Japanese culture and anime to life. Anime Midwest is another fine convention organized by
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Guests of Honor
Margaret McDonald Margaret McDonald (voice actor)
Raj Ramayya Raj Ramayya (Musician)
Aurelio Voltaire Aurelio Voltaire (musician)
Samurai Dan and Jillian Samurai Dan and Jillian (samurai instructor)
Greg Ayres Greg Ayres (voice actor)
Quinton Flynn Quinton Flynn (voice actor, actor)
Mega Ran Mega Ran (nerdcore rapper)
Steve Blum Steve Blum (voice actor)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (voice actor)
Russell Lissau Russell Lissau (comic author)
Luci Christian Luci Christian (voice actor)
Yuri Lowenthal Yuri Lowenthal (voice actor)
Tara Platt Tara Platt (voice actor)
Oscar Seung Oscar Seung (voice actor)
YTCracker YTCracker (nerdcore rapper)
Zwei Zwei (Musician)
Fuki Fuki (Musician)
Trevor Mueller Trevor Mueller (comic author)
Lia Lia (singer)
Brian Heinz Brian Heinz (Youtube)
IA IA (Musician)
FEMM FEMM (musician)
Marcus Stimac Marcus Stimac (voice actor)
Lewis Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug (comic reviewer )
KrazyKrow KrazyKrow (webcomic)
MC Lars MC Lars (musician)
Crispin Freeman Crispin Freeman (voice actor)
Lexa Terrestrial Lexa Terrestrial (musician)
Maile Flanagan Maile Flanagan (voice actress)
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