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Marcus Stimac

Marcus Stimac is a voice, theater and film actor currently living in Dallas, Texas. Originally from Milwaukee, Marcus moved to Dallas to study theater at Southern Methodist University, and after graduating stayed in Dallas to pursue other acting opportunities. He is very thankful to have had the chance to work on many great and memorable Animes. Marcus is mostly known for his voice work at Funimation Studios where he has played Dr.Hogback in One Piece, Saito in Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Terasaka in Assassination Classroom, Kazama “Dragon” Ryiuchi in Ping Pong the Animation, Amata Kihara in A Certain Magical Index, Warcry in Fairy Tail, and Cornet in Space Dandy!. If you don’t see him in an Anime you can always find him acting on a local Dallas stage , performing Shakespeare in a bar playing, or playing the accordion under a bridge. Marcus is starring in the first feature length virtual reality film “Manslaughter: VR” for the Oculus Rift entertainment system. He is a fan of many different shows, some his favorite animes include Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, and One Piece.

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