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Anime Midwest 2015

July 3-5, 2015
Rosemont, IL
Hyatt Regency O'Hare
Rosemont, IL
Con Statistics
Large (5-15K)
15K Attendees
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About Anime Midwest 2015

Anime Midwest returns in 2015, bringing anime fans a delightful weekend in Chicago. Anime Midwest is considered by many attendees one of the best anime conventions ever, as every year grows with new events and better guests. Every year the convention highlights a Date Auction and Formal Ball to give fans a chance to meet and have fun, and then every night there tends to be an epic concert which has in the past included guests such as Steam Powered Giraffe. Each night ends with a rave dance featuring some of the best DJs from around the Midwest. Anyone attending also gets access to unlimited free Ramen and free fountain soda in the "ConSweet," which is open during all of the convention's busiest hours. This is in part because Anime Midwest's goal is to help you have the energy to have the best weekend of your life every year. Anime Midwest's panels tends to be some of the best, and the convention invites a special class of advanced panelists exclusively to improve your choices of events. Each con has almost 200+ different events packed into three days. This, 2015, marks Anime Midwest's fifth annual convention, having started in 2011.
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Guests of Honor
Greg Ayres Greg Ayres (voice actor)
Chris Rager Chris Rager (voice actor)
Eric Stuart Eric Stuart (voice actor)
Sonny Strait Sonny Strait (voice actor)
DC Douglas DC Douglas (voice actor)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (fashion designers)
Chuck Huber Chuck Huber (voice actor)
Chris Cason Chris Cason (voice actor, director)
Spike Spencer Spike Spencer (voice actor, author)
YTCracker YTCracker (nerdcore rapper)
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Anime Midwest is categorized as a large anime convention. Generally larger anime conventions, with attendance approximately from 5,000 to 20,000 people, have a wide variety of different events incorporated into the convention's programming. While the convention may be primarily focused on anime, elements of popular culture are likely to be big as well. At anime conventions of this size most people cosplay, which is a defining difference between anime cons and comic cons where fewer than a quarter of all participants cosplay. Attendees can generall expect a convention of this size to have several huge main events, which may be concerts, fashion shows, or sessions with famous special guests, in addition to hundreds of smaller events.

Going to a large anime convention gets to be a bit different than attending medium-size and small anime conventions, as events are typically a lot more spread out to accomodate the number of attendees. Hotel rooms may be further away from convention events, and parking may be difficult or expensive. There may be a larger variety of activities but some of them may have lines that form hours in advance. Attendees generally want to come prepared for occasionally long lines, depending on how well the convention is organized, possibly more expensive parking, and a bit more walking.

Attendee tips for going to Anime Midwest 2015

Attendees should research hotel and registration information as early as possible, as tickets for the convention and cheap hotel rooms may sellout several months prior to the convention. When packing, it is always advisable to bring extra supplies including a sewing kit, asprin, socks, and anything else that may be needed during the convention. Granola bars and other healthy snacks may end up being a cheaper alternative than the available food nearby.