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Daisho Con 2009

Nov 20-22, 2009
Stevens Point, WI
Ramada Stevens Point Hotel & Convention Center
Stevens Point, WI

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About Daisho Con 2009

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Guests of Honor
# Laura Bailey - Laura has worked on over forty titles in both Texas and California, providing her directing and producing talents to many of them. Some of her most recognizable roles are: Shin in Shin Chan, Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket, and Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist.

# Travis Willingham - (first Wisconsin con appearance!) Travis has worked in stage, TV, and film, but is best known in the anime world for his character Colonel Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist - one of his very first roles in anime. He has since gone on to work on many other popular titles in both Texas and Los Angeles.

Tim Seeley - Tim Seeley is the writer and creator of Hack/Slash, and a professional comic book illustrator. He began his art career as a children's book illustrator, and eventually found himself drawing 3 3/4" men in the G.I. Joe comic.

Pat Rothfuss - Pat Rothfuss is the author of the highly acclaimed fantasy novel The Name of the Wind, which is the first book in the Kingkiller Chronicle.

Steve Horton - Steve Horton is the author of how-to books PROFESSIONAL MANGA and WEBCOMICS 2.0, and wrote STRONGARM for Image Comics and GROUNDED ANGEL for

Steam Century - Steam Century is a highly revered steampunk group that creates and hosts steampunk mysteries for players at several local conventions.
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Daisho Con 2009