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Necronomicon 2010

Oct 22-24, 2010
St. Petersburg, FL
Hilton Bayfront St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, FL

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About Necronomicon 2010

Hilton Bayfront St. Petersburg 333 1st St S St. Petersburg, FL 33701
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Guests of Honor
Guest of Honor:
David Gerrold

Other Guests
Jer Alford
Zachary Anderson
Chris Berman
Johanna M. Bolton
Richard Lee Byers
Craig Caldwell
Glenda Finkelstein
Tony Finkelstein
Emily Fontana
Terri Garey
Thomas Green
Louis Gutierrez
Lynne Hansen
William Hatfield
Chris Helton
Michael Hinman
Ed Howdershelt
Chris A. Jackson
Eloy LaSanta
William R. Logan
Will Ludwigsen
Craig D. MacDougal
Elissa Malcohn
Christina McCoy
Christopher McCoy
William Mize
Kendall D. W. Morris
Kendall F. Morris
Stanley Morrison
K. L. Nappier
Michael Pinsky
T.S. Robinson
Gary Roen
James Rosin
E. Rose Sabin
Rubey Shea*
Lakisha Spletzer
Brandy Stark
Jeff Strand
Chris Tankersley
Jonathan Thompson
Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
Robert Westerfield
& the Omega of Necro,
Timothy Zahn
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Necronomicon 2010