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Spring Kraken Con 2015

Mar 24, 2015
Oakland, CA
Oakland Convention Center
Oakland, CA

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About Spring Kraken Con 2015

Kraken Con is a two day convention being held April 25-26th, 2015 in the Oakland Convention Center which features anime, cartoons and comics with a heavy emphasis on whimsy, imagination and the creative process. Our goal is to ensure attendees have an enjoyable experience via great panels, cool guests, fun events, a free photo studio, games like our convention-wide scavenger hunt and mystery game, and awesome merchandise from over 100 artists and exhibitors. Special events include costume contests and a talent show with cash prizes. Kraken Con Guests of Honor include Patrick McHale, creator of the hit mini-series Over the Garden Wall and former creative director for Adventure Time; William Salyers, a cartoon and video game voice actor with credits including Rigby in Regular Show and Mordin Solus in Mass Effect 3; and Stephanie Sheh, a prolific voice actor with a multitude of credits including Usagi in Sailor Moon, Zhu Li in Legend of Korra, Hinata in Naruto, and Orihime in Bleach among many others! Special Guests include sculptor Kurt Strubeck, cosplayer HezaChan, artist Jason Thompson and author Tim Pratt. Tickets are on sale now at just $30 for the weekend! Children 6 and under are free!
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Spring Kraken Con 2015