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WTF? Night of the Furry Dead 2011

Jun 3-5, 2011
Montreal, QC, Canada
The Espresso Hotel & Conference Centre of Montreal
Montreal, QC, Canada

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About WTF? Night of the Furry Dead 2011

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Guests of Honor
Kalika Tybera

Kalika is a 28 year old freelance artist who was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, and now lives in Vermont in the United States with her husband and two cats.

She is a traditional media artist who began drawing at a young age and with inspiration from her friends and cats she found the furry fandom and began drawing anthropomorphic characters many years ago and has continued to do so since. After years of drawing she is now working as a fulltime commission artist within the fandom and loves doing what she does.

In her free time outside of the art world Kalika is a big fan of the

horror genre and boasts a sizeable horror movie collection, is avidly interested in all things paranormal, enjoys videogames and loves reading about a variety of topics such as art, animals, cryptozoology, fashion design and design in general.


Demicoeur (Demi for short) is a 23-year-old art student studying animation at Sheridan College. She started drawing with crayons as a kid and felt even at the tender age of four that the lack of flesh coloured crayons in her Crayola set was very discouraging, because everyone you draw looks sickly when you colour them orange or yellow or red. So she just drew animals instead of people and that solved all her woes. Around two years ago she was introduced to the furry fandom and found a lot of encouragement to both improve her artwork and take part in the community. What the Fur will be her second convention and she's really excited to meet everyone and start drawing some zombies!

It is worth noting - since the convention takes place in a French speaking city - that Demicoeur cannot pronounce her own name.

Demi loves reading, trying new recipes from all the cooking blogs she stalks, and Disney movies (which she sings along to very poorly). She shares her house with a fish named Vader and a cat named Skitch.
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WTF? Night of the Furry Dead 2011