Anime-ZAP! 2012

January 7-8, 2012
Peoria, IL

About Anime-ZAP! 2012

Anime-ZAP! is a solid choice for an inexpensive, two-day convention in Illinois. Anime-ZAP! got off to a rocketship of a start, running the first convention with just 3 days of planning, and tripling in size its second year. With over 400 attendees last year, and a lot more projected for 2012, Anime-ZAP! is quickly becoming a big event for Otaku in the winter. The event features a giant cosplay mainstage, several events and panels, and a huge 1,000-book manga library. Dates of the convention have been moved one week earlier than they previously announced - the convention will be January 7-8, 2012.

Anime-ZAP! 2012 Pictures

Guests of Honor
Jillian Coglan
Jillian Coglan (samurai instructor)
Samurai Dan and Jillian
Samurai Dan and Jillian (samurai instructor)
Four Points Sheraton
Peoria, IL

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