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Pensacon Pensacola Comic Con 2018

February 23-25, 2018
Pensacola, FL

About Pensacon Pensacola Comic Con 2018

Pensacon strives to be all inclusive by seeking out popular artists, actors, writers, and creators that all contribute to their respective fandom and allow fans to interact with them as well as to create events that cater to all types of fans. Pensacon creates a safe environment for all types of fandom to express themselves, free from bullying or harassment. Pensacon provides a place for fans to form a community in which they have the best experience possible. Pensacon endeavors to be a unique event in Pensacola by reaching out to the local community to create an environment that we would never be able to achieve by ourselves.
Guests of Honor
Amanda Bearse
Brittney Karbowski
Chris Sarandon
Christopher Judge
Cooper Andrews
Danny Tamberelli & Michael Maronna
Deborah Foreman
Deep Roy
Frazer Hines
Ian McElhinney
Jayson Smith
Jed Rees
Jonathan Stark
Kristy Swanson
Lou Ferrigno
Lyle Blackburn
Michael Bell
Mike Baron
Ogie Banks
Patrick Breen
Paul Blake
Stephen Geoffreys
William Ragsdale
  • Anime Industry Panels
  • Artist Alley
  • Board Games
  • Collectable Card Games
  • Cosplay Events With Prizes
  • Dealer Room
  • For Fee Autographs
  • General Cosplay All Over
  • Hall Cosplay Contest
  • Miniatures Games
  • Pick Up Games
  • Role Playing Games
Map to Pensacon Pensacola Comic Con
Pensacola Bay Center
Pensacola, FL


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