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Con Plus 2018

November 3, 2018
Northampton, United Kingdom
35 Duncan Close, Moulton Park
Northampton, United Kingdom

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About Con Plus 2018

Con Plus is an online, science fiction and fantasy gaming convention, featuring a host of online role-playing games being hosted to raise funds for Child's Play, a charity that helps terminally ill children. Con Plus is a 24 hour, 100% online convention and open to participants with a live internet connection. In addition to role-playing games, Con Plus will be hosting the official Con Plus RPG World Championships. There will be game related discussion panels and workshops available for war-game terrain building, miniature painting and more. You-Tubers "Pear of Geeks" will be hosting CON PLUS live, from the studio in Northamptom (United Kingdom). All Proceeds go to the charity "Child's Play". Convention staff and administration are all unpaid volunteers.
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Guests of Honor
To be announced.
  • Guest Panels
  • Live Action Role Playing
  • Role Playing Games
  • Workshops
Con Plus 2018