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Fantasia Con 2018

May 12-13, 2018
Indio, CA
Fullenwider Audotorium
Indio, CA

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About Fantasia Con 2018

We would like to let you know about the Fantasia Comic Con, that will be held in Indio CA (Riverside County) on May12-13 2018. We are really trying to support fans and creators with special consideration to the independents so that they can have a trusted place to show their ideas and concepts through writing, designs and artwork. It is very important to us that local artists have their voices heard and creations seen by the masses while bringing fans and creators to a venue that is fun for all in attendance.
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Guests of Honor
Kevin Estman, Tont Fleecs, Jay Foos, Ken F. Levin (AMC's Preacher) Orlando Harding, Caanan White, Yuan Twins, Lincoln Castellanos, Steve Stern, Dan CoteSteve Cobb, Wonder Woman is Real, Eric Fox, Ryan Kincaid.
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Fantasia Con 2018