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NERD Con 2018

October 26-27, 2018
Lufkin, TX
VFW Post #1836
Lufkin, TX

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About NERD Con 2018

NERD Con (Not Easily Recognized Demographics) is hitting Lufkin hard October 27 & 28! We are combining everything NERD and putting it under one roof. Gaming (Tabletop, Pen & Paper, Console,CCG, Computer, get it), Cosplay, Comics, Collectible cards of all kinds (sports included), RPG, special guests, lectures, workshops...I can't even list it all right now. if you have ever been called a Nerd or even think you are....who cares? This is where you need to be this weekend! Of course we DO realize that is the weekend before Halloween. We would be crazy NOT to theme this event! Get ready, because we will CONSTANTLY update this and let you know with contests, games AND celebrities. Vendor space will be available soon. Pre-sale tickets will be available with special incentives October 14th!
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Guests of Honor
Joe Lansdale, Timmy Banfield, Zac Acrey...more to be added
  • General Cosplay All Over
NERD Con 2018