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Ushicon 2019

Feb 15-17, 2019
Round Rock, TX
Wingate Inn & Conference Center
Round Rock, TX

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About Ushicon 2019

Ushicon is an 18+ only Japanese animation convention taking place in Round Rock, TX, just on the north edge of Austin. We’re celebrating our 13th year in operation and our 8th as an 18+ only convention. In many respects, we’re like most anime conventions in that we have video theaters, anime industry guests, an arcade, a tabletop gaming room, a dealer’s room, an artist alley, panels, workshops, a maid cafe, and game shows. What really sets us apart though is the age limitation. The atmosphere at Ushicon is much more laid back than you would see at most all-ages conventions, and feels a lot more like a community of anime fans, thanks to our smaller size. By the end of the weekend, you’ll probably have made a few new friends and may even recognize most of the people you see, even if you don’t know their names yet.
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