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Savannah Animazing Con 2019

Mar 30-31, 2019
Savannah, GA
Savannah, GA

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About Savannah Animazing Con 2019

SAVANNAH ANIMAZING CON IS A 2-DAY CONVENTION HELD ANNUALLY AT THE NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY SPORTS COMPLEX IN SAVANNAH GA! SAVANNAH ANIMAZING CONS PRIDES ITSELF ON OFFERING FAN EVENTS FOR ALL-AGES CELEBRATING THE ARTS AND CULTURE OF JAPANESE ANIME (ANIMATION), MANGA (COMICS), AND COSPLAY (COSTUME-PLAY). SAVANNAH ANIMAZING CON HAS THREE GOALS IN HOSTING ITS EVENTS: Provide a venue for fans of Animation and Manga to come together in a festive environment. Educate people about the history and culture surrounding anime and manga, by hosting guests from the industry. Learn about Japanese culture through animation and comics.
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