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Clarksville Anime, Comic & Toy Con 2019

Apr 27-28, 2019
Clarksville , TN
Riverview Inn
Clarksville, TN

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About Clarksville Anime, Comic & Toy Con 2019

Clarksville Anime , Comic & Toy Con April 27 & 28, 2019 Riverview Inn , 50 College Street , Clarksville , TN 37040 April 27 (SAT) 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM April 28 (Sunday) 12:00 AM to 4:00 PM MILITARY , POLICE, FIRE & RESCUE PERSONEL , DOCTOR & NURSE, TEACHERS...AND Their FAMILIES GET IN FREE ON SUNDAY! ( with ID) . COLLEGE STUDENTS ALSO GET IN FREE SUNDAY WITH ID! …….THERE WILL BE A SPECIAL VIP PACKAGE FOR YOU FOR ONLY 10.00 ( Details Below) ADMISSION IS 10.00 PER DAY. THE VIP PACKAGE ( sold on site at the door Beginning at 9:30) IS 20.00 (Details below) FREE PARKING! There will be over 100,000 Comic Books , Toys, Magic Cards & Gaming, Movie Posters , Bladed Weapons, Autographs, Wrestling , and Collectibles for sale at the show. PLUS FREE Video Games to Play , Gaming Tournaments, Panels, Guest Authors, Cosplay, More! ALL OUR GUESTS WILL SIGN ANYTHING YOU BRING TO THEM FOR FREE! (LIMIT 2 ITEMS) GUESTS: Dragon Ball ( Bojack, Syn Shenron) , Street Fighter ( Balrog) , Full Metal Alchemist ( Sig Curtis , Cray) , One Piece ( Dorry) , Fairy Tail ( Doll) , and 83 total projects including Lupin the Third, Mortal Kombat, Case Closed , More! ..Bob Carter BJ and the Bear, My two Dads and Tekwar, joining us for Saturday only it’s Greg Evigan! COSTUME CONTEST SATURDAY WITH A 100.00 MERCHANDISE PRIZE TO THE WINNER! 50.00 in Merchandise to the runner up! COME IN COSTUME ON SUNDAY AND GET 2 RAFFLE TICKETS TO THE 5000.00 MERCHANDISE DRAWING WITH YOUR ADMISSION! FREE GAMING ALL DAY LONG!!! Over 500 Board games, Magic, Yu Gi Oh, Pokémon, More will be available to play at the show..Coloring Books, Etc Tournaments will be announced when we get them locked in. 5000.00 MERCHANDISE PRIZE RAFFLE SUNDAY APRIL 22 We are building a booth FULL of Merchandise , including Comics, Toys, Posters, Autographs, Books, Gaming , Magic, Pokemon, Manga, Anime, DVDS, T-Shirts, MORE! ENTRY to the Contest is FREE with your Paid Admission. JUST…….. 3 easy steps…. #1. You fill out a form at the show. ( Name and Email Address), turn it in to the doorman. #2. When you pay your 5.00 admission , you will receive a ticket with a number on it, a MATCHING numbered ticket goes into a box....( Military, Police , Fire , Rescue , college students and their Families are entered into the Contest Free of Charge) #3. At 3:00 PM , one of our Guests will draw a number from the box... If YOUR ticket matches THAT Number drawn ... YOU have won 5000.00 worth of Merchandise ( Comics , Toys, Posters. Autographs , MORE!!! ) ….. BRING A TRUCK TO GET IT ALL HOME! BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER... to INCREASE your odds of winning the passes ,you can ...... YOU COME IN COSTUME ..YOU WILL GET 2 RAFFLE TICKETS instead of ONE We began this show 6 years ago to Thank all the Men & Women of the Military , Police, Fire and Rescue AND Their Families for their Service and Sacrifice . They ALL make our lives safer and better ! We put on this show as OUR way to Thank THEM all by allowing them ( and their Families) in for FREE on Sunday. We wanted to provide a Family-Friendly , Affordable , and Fun Event that they could come to with their Family and just enjoy the day!
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