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MeggaXP's "Blood Bash" 2020

Feb 15, 2020
Jackson, MI
Commonwealth Commerce Center
Jackson, MI

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About MeggaXP's "Blood Bash" 2020

Michigan's Entertainment, Gaming, Geek and Arts Experience (Meggaxp) invites you to EXPERIENCE horror like never before! Valentine's weekend, 2017, join the people behind Meggaxp as they bring a horror show like no other to Jackson, Michigan.....the BLOOD BASH!What makes Blood Bash so different? Well, let's do a little...dissecting, shall we?Celebrity Guests:This is a horror show, right? Well, you know that the fine folks at Meggaxp are going to be bringing some cult classic guests to this show. We are still building our roster, but be sure to check back often to see who's made a deal with the devil to be a part of this show!Artists, exhibitors, and vendors:First of all, we will feature over 40 artists, crafters, and exhibitors brining nothing but horror merchandise to the con for your sick and twisted souls to purchase! From artwork and prints to diabolical demonic bears, Blood Bash will have something for everyone!Horror Film Festival and Marathon:Next, Blood Bash will feature over 20 hours of horror films from classics like Night of the Living Dead and the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to new, twisted creations from short film producers in the first ever Blood Bash short film festival! More details on this to be announced later, but know that it's going to be insanely good.My Bloody Valentine Dinner and Dance:It IS Valentine's weekend, afterall, and FINALLY someone is doing something for the lovers of the dark and deranged - - - join us at the Commonwealth for a full fledged dinner followed by a horror dance that's sure to be a BLOODY GOOD TIME. More on the My Bloody Valentine Dinner and Dance to be announced soon.Horror themed gaming:This IS brought to you by the people who run Meggaxp, and as such, you KNOW there's GOT TO BE SOME GAMING GOING ON! Take a trip to the Atrium Ballroom and visit a museum of sorts, where you can learn about and play some of the video game industry's most controversial and scary games of all time! From Night Trap (Sega CD) to Friday the 13th (NES) to Left 4 Dead (XBOX 360) and more - there's going to be a lot of games to check out and even some challenges to enter...if you dare.Not only will there be video games, though, the good folks at ThroatPunchGames will once again be demoing some of the darker tabletop games from the past 30 years, including one of our all time favorites from growing up - the Nightmare VHS Board Game! BEWARE THE GATEKEEPER! There will be several games to check out that'll keep your horror itch scratched until Halloween comes around.Cosplay Contest:How could Meggaxp have an event without a cosplay contest? Yes, kiddies, we will feature a cosplay contest - where people will compete to be crowned Blood Bash Champions for 2017! We will have a few different categories, so check back for more on this!This show is still quite a ways out, and we will be adding things to it as time goes on...keep checking back....if you dare!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH *evil laugh*
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