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Furvester 2019

Dec 28-Jan 1, 2020
Stuttgart, Germany
Jugendherberge Neckarpark Stuttgart
Stuttgart, Germany

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About Furvester 2019

Welcome to Furvester 2019! Furvester is an annual furry convention which takes place in the region of Stuttgart in Germany and is always held around New Year's Eve, shortly after Christmas. This year Furvester will take place in Reutlingen, south of Stuttgart in the Fortuna Hotel, with space for up to 260 attendees. Furvester is organized by the "Flussfussels e.V." association. The theme for this year is "Heroes and Mythical Creatures". We are taking you back to the ancient times when fearsome creatures were roaming the lands, lurking around every corner. If you were in peril, you could always count on finding a fearless hero in the next pub.
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