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CampAnime 2020

Sep 11-13, 2020
Woodstock, CT
YMCA Camp Woodstock
Woodstock, CT

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About CampAnime 2020

A summer-camp and anime convention hybrid that is perfect for all ages, families, geeks, & otakus of every kind. With activities like boating, archery, and rock-climbing, & panels for every fandom and interest, there's something for everyone at CampAnime. While CampAnime is open to everyone our main goal is to provide a weekend where persons with special needs, primarily persons on the Autism spectrum or with anxiety issues, can experience a convention in a more relaxed setting. If you are the parent or licensed caregiver of someone with a special need, CampAnime will cover the costs involved for the parents registration, lodging and meals. For more info see our "Special needs" section on the Registration tab. We are set up at various conventions throughout the year selling Manga and J-Snacks. This helps fund the camp for the weekend. So if you see us at a con feel free to stop by and say hi and pick up a Pocky or two. It's yummy and goes to a good cause
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CampAnime 2020