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Clique Con 2020

Jun 27, 2020
Columbus, OH
Ohio Expo Center
Columbus, OH

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About Clique Con 2020

Clique Con is an artist exhibition featuring clique artists from around the globe. We take such pride in the artistic community that has cultivated from the inspiration of twenty one pilots, and we created Clique Con to celebrate that. At the event there will not be any artwork for sale. This is strictly for showcasing artwork. We will however be continuing the donation portion of the #wearecliqueartists project by allowing anyone that wishes to donate to do so, with funds going straight to ‘to write love on her arms’, a mental health organization that has continually proven worthy to those struggling with mental illness. We encourage anyone and everyone to attend the event, and we hope that all artists choose to register for the event and grab a space for this awesome chance to show off some of your work! This is a fan powered event, meaning the venue, food, and rentals have all been paid for by donations and the organizers of the event, @ryleonna and @waylandmedia. We are not in association with the band, or it’s affiliates.
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Map to Clique Con
717 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211 US
Clique Con 2020