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Rusfurence 2020

Feb 2-6, 2020
Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia

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About Rusfurence 2020

Rusfurence is the largest Russian furry convention. The opportunity to have a good time, meet old friends and meet new ones, learn something new at lectures, participate in contests and shows and more. For artists and lovers of fine art - art exhibition and auction. And of course the exchange of experience, master classes and so on. For fursuitrs - an unlimited space for fun, where you can squeeze, pose for a photo, and in every possible way get used to the image, and not show off in front of the mirror at home! And a special room where you can take a break and chat. For musicians - grateful listeners and the opportunity to perform on stage in front of the hall. For those who like to dance - discos. And of course for everyone - communication, drawing together, parties, games, and much more. The main thing is not to stand aside and not get bored!
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