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Many conventions are being cancelled as a result of COVID-19. It is recommended you check the convention's website before making plans for attendance.

PrezCon 2010

Feb 24-28, 2010
Charlottesville, VA
Double Tree Hotel
Charlottesville, VA

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About PrezCon 2010

The 17th annual event is a premier Winter Board Gaming Convention. Over the years, PrezCon has grown from a small, regional convention to the big event it now is, drawing attendees from all over the USA, Canada, Asia and Europe. We will be running 85+ Tournaments with many Demos to boot! The events will include some of your old favorites, Euro Games, as well as some of the Classic War Games. We will continue this year our Classic War Game games. The Newest Track (Block Games) will offer some of your favorite wooden block games from several publishers.
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