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Sukoshi Con: Destin 2012

Jan 7-8, 2012
Destin, FL
Hilton San Destin Resort
Destin, FL

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About Sukoshi Con: Destin 2012

Our Social Anime Convention is bringing our A-game to Destin, FL. We have plenty of Signature event planned. Such faves as The Box of Doom, Yoko's Cosplay and Photography w/ Emerald Coast Cosplay, The Great Mecha Build-Off, and our Anime Auction just to name a few. Don't forget our Masquerade Ball (hosted by Fandom Con), and our RAVE with DJ Giant Robot. We even have 18+ and 21+ event added to our show. Enjoy oir Manga Library, Maid Cafe'and our Epic Lolita Fashion Show. 2 day of fun for a great price. Don't forget that we are at the biggest Hotel in Florida (right on the beach for $99.00 a night). Party on Otaku!
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Guests of Honor
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  • Anime Music Videos
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  • Artist Alley
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Sukoshi Con: Destin 2012