Cosplacon 2013

June 27-30, 2013
Jefferson City, MO

About Cosplacon 2013

Cospalcon was created in 2011 with the idea that we could have an Anime Convention in Mid MO that people from far and wide would come to love as there own. We want a fun and friendly environment for all.

We want to be well known for how we cater to cosplayers. We hope to serve all our convention lovers and our community to help build a year to year experience like no other.

We Love Anime, We Love Cosplay, We Love Cosplacon.

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Guests of Honor
• Jeanne Beck (Japanese Instructor, University of Missouri)
• Paul Hoefener (Artist)
• We *Heart* Card Games Productions (Cosplay Group)
• Greg Wicker (Game Show Host, Greggo's Game Shows)

  • Anime Industry Panels
Truman Hotel & Conference Center
Jefferson City, MO

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