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Jun 15-17, 2012
Tampa, FL
Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, FL

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About METROCON 2012

METROCON 2012 is a anime and game convention held June 15-17, 2012. The convention takes place at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL.
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Guests of Honor
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell)
Richard Epcar (Batou - Ghost in the Shell)
Scott McNeil (Piccolo - Dragonball Z)
David Stanworth - Snafu Comics (Artist - Snafu Comics)
PikaBelleChu (Cosplay Guest)
TealPirate - Parle Productions (Performer - Parle Productions)
KellyJane - Parle Productions

(Performer - Parle Productions)

DJ Hellroy

(Electronic Dutch Madman)

Ashley Clark

(Multi-media artist, writer, AMV creator)
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