NatsuCon 2009

July 17-19, 2009
St. Louis, MO

About NatsuCon 2009

Natsu comes from Japanese word for Summer, and Con is short for convention. The two combine to form, NatsuCon, a summertime convention in St. Louis, Missouri. During the summer, various conventions are held around the country, and the world; from Defcon to to Comic Con to Otakon. The only problem is, they’re hours away! The goal of NatsuCon is to provide St. Louis with an easily accessible convention packed with star-studded guests, entertaining live acts, talented artists, and lots and lots of pocky.

NatsuCon 2009 Pictures


Guests of Honor
Cristina Vee
Chris Patton
Sleeping Samurai
St. Louse Best Western Airport Plaza Inn & Conference Center
St. Louis, MO

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