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Epic ACG Fest 2021

Oct 30-31, 2021
Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Peninsula Center Library
Rolling Hills Estates, CA

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About Epic ACG Fest 2021

This year, the Epic ACG Fest have selected 60+ projects from 20+ countries. Under the second years’ Covid pandemic and travel bans between countries, The 2021 Epic ACG Fest committee decide to host the event in South bay area of Los Angeles where there are venues available to accommodate our Animators, Comic artist and Game designers and audiences. Epic ACG fest is a unique event showcase animation, comics and games. Though screening, exhibition and competition, bring together the creative elements, the artists and the general public from worldwide. During the festival, EACG is going to screening animation in person at the venues, also for those animators who can not travel to the festival, the on-line streaming will be happening during Nov. 4-6, 2021. The digital art market Cosplay on Red Carpet, Award ceremony and an Aferparty will make this resume edition of Epic ACG Fest in a great come back.
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