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Delta H Con 2022

Aug 19-21, 2022
Houston, TX
Houston Marriott Westchase
Houston, TX

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About Delta H Con 2022

Delta H Con is a convention in the Houston area. You may ask "Convention? What kind of Convention?" Delta H Con is the budding flower of hobby Gaming enthusiasts and Anime aficionados in the southern United States. Games range from card games, to board games, role-playing games, live action role-playing games, miniatures, computer games and more. At Delta H Con you can challenge a friend or foe to a duel of wits in your favorite games. We offer a wide range of Anime programming. Voice Actors, Cosplay Guests, Maid and Cosplay shows Anime rooms showing an Anime selection that just might rival your own.
Delta H Con 2022 Pictures
Guests of Honor
  • Anime Industry Panels
  • Anime Music Videos
  • Anime Screenings
  • Artist Alley
  • Board Games
  • Collectable Card Games
  • Cosplay Events With Prizes
  • Dance
  • Dealer Room
  • Fan Panels
  • Formal Dance
  • For Fee Autographs
  • Free Autographs
  • General Cosplay All Over
  • Guest Panels
  • Karaoke
  • Maid Cafe
  • Manga Library
  • Miniatures Games
  • Pick Up Games
  • Role Playing Games
  • Video Gaming
  • Workshops
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