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Beacon Chicago 2023

Mar 31-Apr 2, 2023
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL


About Beacon Chicago 2023

Beacon Chicago is a weekend long fan experience. With immersive and interactive experiences that will transport you into fantastic realms of story and exploration. Beacon Chicago will immerse you into different worlds and environments that encourage active participation from anime to gaming, Star Wars to Terminator and beyond. This unique fandom event fandom event is not your daddy's con!
Guests of Honor
  • Anime Screenings
  • Board Games
  • Charity Auction
  • Cosplay Events With Prizes
  • Cosplay Events Without Prizes
  • Fan Panels
  • For Fee Autographs
  • Free Autographs
  • General Cosplay All Over
  • Guest Panels
  • Hall Cosplay Contest
  • Hospitality
  • Live Action Role Playing
  • Manga Library
  • Miniatures Games
  • Pick Up Games
  • Role Playing Games
  • Sci Fi Screenings
  • Video Gaming
Map to Beacon Chicago
, Chicago, IL US
Beacon Chicago 2023