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The Hero Con 2023

May 5-7, 2023
Fort Myers, FL
Caloosa Sound Convention Center
Fort Myers, FL

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About The Hero Con 2023

Embark on a thrilling journey at The Hero Con, an epic celebration of heroism taking place in Fort Myers, FL from May 5-7, 2023. This immersive fan convention brings together individuals who share a passion for heroes across diverse forms of media, ranging from comic books and animated series to movies and video games. Rub shoulders with renowned industry guests, and seize the golden opportunity for unforgettable photo-ops that will remain etched in your memories. The convention also boasts an impressive array of merchandise booths where you can score authentic memorabilia, art, apparel, and more that proudly flaunts your loyalties. Additionally, the unique aspect of this event lies in its unique hero-themed experiences, bringing the most iconic moments from your beloved franchises to life. The Hero Con is sure to be a captivating adventure where your heroic fantasies become reality.
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