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UChi-Con 2023

Jan 28, 2023
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL

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About UChi-Con 2023

UChi-Con is a vibrant, student-organized anime convention that takes place annually at the University of Chicago's Ida Noyes Hall. This one-day convention typically occurs on a Saturday either at the tail end of January or the beginning of February, being hosted by the UChicago Japanese Animation Society (UCJAS). Celebrating Japanese culture, anime, and manga, UChi-Con offers plenty of interactive experiences from panel discussions and cosplay contests to artist alley presentations. Despite being a student run event, the grandeur of UChi-Con closely rivals that of professional conventions, offering a day filled from 10AM to 6PM with intriguing activities and aesthetic exuberance. The convention is open to everyone free of cost, asking attendees to preregister not only to manage the influx but also to keep the registration process swift and efficient on the day of the event. Regular updates, panelist announcements, and forms are readily available on the official website. At UChi-Con, expect a day steeped in creativity, imagination and the exhilarating world of Japanese animation.
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