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Monsterama 2023

Oct 27-29, 2023
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Hilton NorthEast
Atlanta, GA

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About Monsterama 2023

Monsterama is Atlanta's premier convention for all things relating to horror, speculative fiction, and monsters. Boasting a rich history of more than a decade, Monsterama provides an unrivaled platform for fans to indulge in their love of the fantastic elements in cinema, art, literature, and media. This year, the convention will be held from August 9th to August 11th, 2024 and is expected to be bigger and grander than ever. From spacious panel rooms to an extended vendor area, it hopes to ensure an immersive experience featuring illustrious guest stars, exciting panels, and surprise elements that are sure to thrill convention-goers. Included in the multiple new additions this year is the Monster Prom, the details of which remain tantalizingly undisclosed, fueling anticipation and intrigue. The convention will also mark the return of popular events like screenings and panel discussions. A considerable number of distinguished figures from the industry will grace Monsterama with their presence, some of the confirmed names include Victoria Vetri, Martine Beswicke, Clint Howard, Zandor Vorkov, and Elizabeth Shepherd. Monsterama is gearing up to offer a landmark experience for everyone planning to attend, transcending the boundaries that traditionally define fan conventions.
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